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Black Amber

使用不同材質的色塊和線條勾劃出褐褐有茶主視覺的主要元素: 琥珀結晶體, 利用地面和牆面不同的水平點, 讓顧客站在每個角度都有不同的視覺觀點, 藉此提供不同的拍照角度達到宣傳效果。 身處於狹窄巷子內的店面, 若店面牆面水平齊於牆面, 走過的行人需要走到店面正前方才會看到相關視覺。 我們將店面牆面設計為兩個斜面, 由右方走來的行人可以看到造型點餐口, 左方前來的行人會被Logo主視覺櫥窗所吸引。

Through the use of different materials and color blocks, we created a motif using the main design element in the Black Amber CI: Amber Crystal. With this three-dimensional crystal motif in the shopfront, customers have multipedal spots to take IG worthy photos. Located in a narrow alley, if we place the shopfront parallel to the alley, pedestrians wouldn’t be able to see the visuals until they are right in front of the shop. Therefore we created two walls diagonal to the alley. When coming from the right side of the shop, one would be able to see the shopfront from a distance, and when coming from the left, one would see the logo display window with LED neon light.

既有Logo設計/版權所有: TODESIGN 凸凸設計